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Graham Fulk has been an auto dealer since 1993. He acquires used cars, trucks, and vans for his clients at wholesale auto auctions throughout California. He is Licensed, Bonded, and Insured.

Graham's Story

Graham is a well-educated man with a passion for science, for kayaking, and for wheels. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in geology, from Cal State Chico. How did he pay his way through college? By purchasing, rebuilding, and selling cars and motorcycles, naturally (and it does come naturally). By the time Graham started teaching chemistry and algebra at Templeton High School in the late 80's, he had owned 17 motorcycles and 60 cars.


Did your last auto dealer have a philosophy? Graham does:

I'm not just trying to sell you a car and get you out the door. I'm your car guy forever. I like to teach ... I'm a teacher now just as I was when I taught science and math. I like to keep my customers from making mistakes ... steer them away from trouble. When I say "full service," I mean it. You can come back five years later and I'll be happy to give you free advice, make repairs (or, if I can't fix it, refer you to a reliable honest place that can), and find parts for you.

"We've used Graham's Auto for our auto buying needs since 2001. At that time we were moving to Costa Rica and he found us the perfect Toyota 4Runner to take with us. It's been a great car, and Graham has always been there to help out or give advice as needed. More recently he found us a used Mercedes which we've also enjoyed. If you've got a car in mind and want someone to find it at a reasonable price, Graham's the man."

Buck and Jo Ann Rogers – April 10, 2013.

"With Graham, I feel as though I have my own personal car buyer."

John – March 10, 2011.

"Graham is a great guy. I bought my last 2 cars from him. One was a '99 Toyota Camry that was so clean that people assumed I bought a new car. After a year of looking, he found me a nice, loaded '99 Honda Civic EX, which is hard because most used Civics are thrashed and over-bid. As long as I can use Graham I will never go to a car lot!"

David – April 10, 2010.

"Graham did a great job. I wanted a Lexus LS400, 2-3 years old. Graham called me from LA with descriptions of three good options with details, and together we planned the bidding strategy. We got the car we hoped for, and Graham cleaned and service it prior to delivery. The price was great, and included licensing, tax, etc. I was impressed because Graham laid out in excess of $30,000 having never actually met me in person, just based on a couple of phone calls. I shall use him again for my next used car purchase."

Richard – April 26, 2008.